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The average person spends 220 thousand hours in bed! Every day, almost half a liter of sweat, salts, dead cells and moisture is expelled from our body and absorbed by our mattress.

In addition, dust and mites make wearing a mattress unsanitary and smelly.

 Since 2002, Morfeas Mattress has been offering sleeping products of high quality and aesthetics, such as mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress covers, pillow covers, upholstered beds, beds with storage space, metal beds, sommiers and pillows  .

With a wide range of layers, with  latex, memory foam – visco elastic , with independent springs,  washable fabrics , for excellent hygiene and removal of  mites, moisture, sweat . With perforated phases (3D) around the layers for excellent air circulation, with impressive 30cm layers. height with new generation materials and with anti-allergic, anti-microbial fabrics, with OEKO-TEXT Standard 100 certification for the non-use of harmful substances, make Morfeas Mattress mattresses an ideal choice for a healthy sleeping environment!

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We at  MORFEAS MATTRESS  know the value that quality sleep has for all of us. That is why we take care and offer you only the quality suggestions of mattresses, sommiers, toppers, pillows and everything that can offer you what you really need. Restful and orthopedically correct sleep with… sweet dreams in the warmest embrace!

Mattresses with an independent spring, latex and Memory foam-Visco Elastic  must  be placed on a dense substrate (up to 3 cm max distance wood to wood) and it is advisable to change legs – head 2-3 times for single-sided  mattresses  and additionally top – bottom for two-sided layers  .

The guarantee of the  Morfeas mattress  covers the quality of construction materials, good support and behavior of the mattress to avoid pitting in a permanent state (beyond the permissible limit of 2cm per point  if  the mattress is placed on a properly dense substrate). The warranty  does not  include the mattress fabric.

What is the validity period of the guarantee?

The mattress warranty is valid from the date of purchase and covers the Greek territory.

Provided that the mattress rests on a dense substrate (max. up to 3k distance from wood to wood), the care instructions are correctly followed and that their use is domestic. For the purpose of verifying the date of purchase it is necessary to keep the original proof of purchase which is the only proof of the date of purchase.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers defective materials or defective workmanship in the mattresses, mattress bases, as stated above, from the date of purchase. This warranty is for domestic use only.

Specifically :

Springs of spring mattresses

Foam used in mattresses

Latex core of latex layers.

What will Morfeas mattress do to fix the problem?

Morfeas  mattress  will first check if the product is covered by the warranty. If the product or part thereof is found to be defective, it will ensure that the problem is corrected or repaired. If deemed necessary, he will change the defective part. In the event that the product no longer belongs to the product line and needs replacement rather than repair, the company will take care to replace it with another similar one.

What does the warranty not cover?

The warranty  does not  cover damage resulting from misuse or storage, folding-creasing of spring mattresses, deterioration-scratching of the substrate

(frames, backgammon, anatomical backgammon, single backgammon, etc.), children jumping, ironing, getting wet or any other type of accidents.

The warranty  does not  cover normal wear and tear, products that have been placed outdoors or in a wet environment, or any non-domestic use. For the best service, you can contact the store where the product was purchased.

The warranty covers repair or replacement of mattress that is within the warranty years and shipping costs are borne by the customer.

All new materials have their own special smell, which gradually disappears. That’s why we recommend that you air and vacuum the mattress to help eliminate any odor.